Five Minutes to Sea
Drawn, 7 min 7 sec, 2018
director, script, art director, compositing, director of photography Natalia Mirzoyan
animators Ksenia Ustyuzhaninova, Natalia Mirzoyan, Anna Abashina, Elena Nesterova
producers Nadezhda Kuznetsova, Ilya Popov, Anatoly Prokhorov
music, sound design Artem Fadeev
voice cast Elena Markina, Svetlana Pisimichenko, Ekaterina Pykhtina
Mom makes her daughter take a break between swimming in the sea, and for the little girl these five minutes seem like an eternity. She watches her neighbors on the beach, and the five minutes are different for them, yet also filled with waiting for their own "sea". The film tells about a brief moment from childhood.