The Day After I'm Gone

original title The Day After I'm Gone
Israel, 2018, 95 min., Hebrew, 16+
director, screenwriter, editor and sound design Nimrod Eldar
director of photography Itay Marom
production design John Yonatan Jacoby
sound Alfred Tesler
producers: Eitan Mansuri, Jonathan Doweck, Nimrod Eldar, Moshe Edri, Leon Edri
cast: Menashe Noy, Zohar Meidan, Alon Neuman, Sarit Vino Elad, Claudia Lerner, Sharon Hacoen, Miri Aloni

awarded CineLink/Work-in-Progress Award at Sarajevo Film Festival (2017)participant of Molodist IFF (2019), Lucca FF (2019), nominated for Best First Feature Award, Berlinale (2019)
Yoram, a 50-year-old veterinarian living in Tel-Aviv is forced to re-examine his relationship with his adolescent daughter Roni, after she wishes to end her life. He decides to take her on a journey to visit her mother's family, a process of self and mutual discovery in a primordial desert land enveloping the Dead Sea.

The film will be presented by director Nimrod Eldar
Nimrod Eldar was born on January 28, 1977 in Jerusalem, Israel. After its graduation at the Sam Spiegel Film & Television School, he served the Israel's film industry for many years as a writer, editor, and sound designer. His debut feature film "The Day After I'm Gone" won the "Sam Spiegel Alumni Award" and the "Cinelink" award for Work in Progress at the Sarajevo Film Festival.

Nimrod Eldar