About "Zerkalo" Festival
Argentina to Israel, Azerbaijan to Spain, the Balkans to Scandinavia: the geographic scope of films selected for Zerkalo's competition is vast. Primarily these are works by young directors in search for their individual language and style. Genres are manifold: from surrealist tragicomedy to a contemporary variety of cinéma vérité. Works by female filmmakers are represented in higher numbers than usual – not merely a fad but a reflection of objective change in filmmaking.

International competition is the festival's core, but as usual, it is embedded in a wider context of Russian and global art cinema. And of course, in a "Tarkovsky context", which is determined this year by a forty-year anniversary of Stalker.
Andrey Plakhov, Programming director of the International Film Festival "Zerkalo"
Educational program "Youth"
Educational program "Youth" will be held for the second time within the 13th Andrey Tarkovsky Film Festival "Zerkalo" (June 14—21, 2019). This year the program will comprise two creative workshops: "Youth" laboratory of documentary film, mentored by directors Olga Privolnova and Dina Barinova, and "Agittextile" animation workshop under the direction of the Saint Petersburg Da Studio. Applications for participation are open through May 20 Participants' names will be announced on June 1 at the festival's website.
Festival Regulations

Article 1
Andrey Tarkovsky International Film Festival "Zerkalo" is held in Ivanovo Region, Russia, with the purpose of developing cultural exchange, mutual understanding between nations and international collaboration between filmmakers.


Article 2
Andrey Tarkovsky International Film Festival "Zerkalo" (hereinafter referred to as Zerkalo IFF) was established and is organized by the Ivanovo Regional Government. Zerkalo IFF is supported by the Russian Presidential Administration, Russian Federal Government, Russian Ministry of Culture.

Preparation and conduction of the festival is executed by the festival management.

President of the festival: S. Bodrov

Programming director: A. Plahov

Producer General: K. Shavlovsky

Festival director: E. Ponomarenko

Article 3
Zerkalo IFF's program comprises:

The festival's opening ceremony;

International competition of feature-length fiction films;

Russian cinema program, "Us";

"Tarkovsky Context" program;

"Costume in Film" program;

Animation program;

"Films on Wheels" program, held across Ivanovo Region;

Special screenings and programs;

"Youth" workshop for young filmmakers;

"Agittextile" animation workshop;

International academic conference "Imaginary Tarkovsky";

Book fair and book presentations;

Closing ceremony and awards presentation;

Special screenings in Moscow.

Article 4
Film selection for Zerkalo IFF is managed by a special committee that completes selection process no later than May 15 of current year. Screening schedule is determined by Zerkalo IFF's management.

Each film will be screened a maximum of three times during the festival, including press screenings.

Article 5
The fiction film competition is only open to productions finished no earlier than January 1 of the previous year.

World and international premieres are given preference in the competition program.

Competition program includes at least nine films.

Films in competition will only be accepted in digital copies, in DCP format.

Copies of films selected for competition programs must be received by the management no later than May 19 of current year.

Article 6
In other programs as well only digital copies in DCP format are accepted.

Copies of films selected for all non-competition programs must be received by the management no later than May 19 of current year.

Article 7
All conditions and deadlines herein are obligatory; in the case of noncompliance the management reserves the right to exclude the film in question from the festival's program.

Article 8

Additional materials for every film to be presented in the festival's program must be received by the festival's management no later than May 9 of current year, as follows:

  • The film's dialogue list in the original language and in either Russian or English;

  • Publicity materials for the festival catalogue: annotation, crew and cast information, film stills (300 DPI), photos (300 DPI) and biographies of talent attending the festival;

  • Trailer video;

  • DVD or a link to a screener copy for subtitling purposes.

Article 9
The cost of shipping copies to Ivanovo and back (the sender's airport - Moscow - Ivanovo - recipient's airport) is carried by the festival's management. The costs of storing and insuring copies of films included in the program are also carried by the festival's management.


Article 10
All matters regarding invitations, dates and conditions of the guests' visit and accreditation are decided by the festival's management.

Attendance by one representative of each film in competition (director, producer, screenwriter, actor/actress) is required.

The festival's management covers travel costs and provides accommodation for the duration of the festival for one representative of each film in competition (director, producer, screenwriter, actor/actress).

For other festival guests, conditions of travel and stay are specified on an individual basis.

Accreditation requests confirming participation in Zerkalo IFF must be received by the management no later than May 9 of current year.

Article 11

The International Jury of fiction film competition is convened for purposes of evaluating competition entries. The management assumes the costs of staying of each jury member in Ivanovo and other cities where the festival is held; as well as covers travel costs and visa application fees as necessary.

Jury membership is barred for any person who participated in creation or distribution of any film in respective competition.

Additionally, the "Voice" jury of young film critics and the audience jury present one award each to a film in the international competition and in the Russian film program ("Us"), respectively.


Article 12
The international competition jury awards the following prizes:




Article 13
Additionally, the following prizes are awarded at the festival:



"VOICE" AWARD FROM THE YOUNG FILM CRITICS' JURY, to one film in the international competition

AUDIENCE AWARD, to one film in the "Us" Russian film program


Article 13
Participation in the festival implies compliance to all articles of these regulations.

In the event of a dispute regarding regulations, this text will be used as a basis for settlement. This translation of the original Russian text is for accommodation purposes; in the event of a conflict between the original Russian version of these regulations and the English translation thereof, the former shall prevail.

All matters pertaining to preparation and execution of the festival not covered by these regulations will be resolved by the management of Zerkalo IFF in accordance with the usual practice of international film festivals.

Article 14
Contact information of IFF Zerkalo's management:

Saint Petersburg office: OOO Korporatsiya Razvitiya Kino, 25A Bolshoy Prospekt VO, unit 6N, office 1I, Saint Petersburg 199004, Russia; zerkalofest@gmail.com, zerkalo.space

Regional Coordination and Education Center for Culture and the Arts: 62/107 Ulitsa Karla Marksa, Ivanovo 153002, Russia; +7 (4932) 58-99-48, ivanovo-okmckt@gmail.ru