Family Animation: Who Is Krakozyabrik?
This program is a collection of films that have already won accolades from film festivals and even the Icarus, Russia's most important animation award. Our program is pure joy and energy resource for the whole family. Although its characters aren't always that joyful. Films that you are going to see tell, among other things, about a child's emotional turmoil and about strange and difficult questions that children put to adults and adults to children; and even the theme of loss. But artists that ask difficult questions find imaginative ways to appeal to children's and adult's hearts and not their minds.
Among the characters there is a girl standing still by the seashore, waiting for a jump into the waves… or could it be a jump into the vastness of life itself? There is a scientist planning to weigh and count clouds, and a monster suffering from loneliness, and a poor peasant trying to outwit a scary creature, and the lazy Vasilisa who will have to overcome her own bad temper. And last but not least, the incredible Krakozyabrik. What do you mean you don't know who is Krarozyabrik? Go to the movies then. He's been waiting for ages!
Larisa Malyukova is a film critic. She graduated from the Russian Academy of Theater Arts' program in theater studies and holds a PhD in art history. Larisa worked as a music editor on television and edited Soviet Film magazine. She has written scripts for a number of television shows and films. Larisa has published her work in Soviet Film, Screen and Stage, Nedelya, Vechernaya Moskva, Film Art, Seance and other outlets. She has won professional awards, such as White Elephant, Lavr and an award from Belye Stolby Archive Film Festival. She has been staff writer for Novaya Gazeta since 2000.

Larisa Malyukova
Сurator of Family Animation program