Guests of Zerkalo-2019
Yuri Kasparyan
Musician, special guest of the 13th Zerkalo IFF's opening
Soviet and Russian guitarist, member of the legendary rock band Kino from 1982 and throughout the band's existence. One of the regular leading members of Sergei Kuriokhin's Pop Mechanica. In 2001-2007, Kasparyan was a member of Yu-Piter, a band he co-founded with Vyacheslav Butusov. Since 2010, he has been a leader of Symphonic KINO project.
Igor Vdovin
Musician, composer, special guest of the 13th Zerkalo IFF's opening
Vdovin is one of the most popular and respected contemporary Russian composers who wrote music for a number of cult films, such as The Goddess: How I Fell in Love, Garpastum, The Sword Bearer, Mermaid, and others. He has been nominated for the prestigious Nika film award and collaborated with popular performers: Auktyon, Kolibri, Messer Chups, Zemfira, and others. Vdovin has released several solo albums with instrumental music. At 2016's Kinotavr Film Festival, he won the Michael Tariverdiev Award for Best Music ("for precision in intonation") in Guillaume Protsenko's film Wake Me Up. He is a founder of Symphonic KINO.
Oleg Menshikov
Oleg Menshikov is a Soviet and Russian stage and film actor, and theater director. He has been recognized as an Honored Artist of the Russian Federation (2003) and received three Government Awards (1995, 1997, 1999). Since 2012, Menshikov is the artistic manager and director of Ermolova Moscow Drama Theater. He has been acting in cinema since 1980 and has 36 titles in his filmography, including many that have been shown at major international film festivals and received wide acclaim from the audiences.

Rashit Safiullin
Born in 1949 in Bugulma. Graduated from the Kazan Art School, member of the Artists Union since 1977. Painter, drawing artist, enameller and designer, Safiullin has worked on books, theater, film and animation, as well as interior and exterior design and exhibitions. Safiullin designed sets for Andrey Tarkovsky's stage production of Hamlet (1977) and films: Stalker (1979, dir. A. Tarkovsky), The 13th Disciple (1987, dir. S. Babayan), Harvest Time (2004, dir. Marina Razbezhkina), and others. He also created sets for other theater productions: Midsummer Night Dream, Don't Leave Your Loved Ones (1982, dir. L. Verzub, Kazan), Love Jazz and the Devil (dir. A. Klokov, Kirov), and others. He has designed exhibitions on Andrey Tarkovsky's work in Moscow, Bazarai concert hall, and Women of Caucasus exhibition; he is curator of permanent exhibition at the History and Culture Museum in Zavrazhye, designer of the Archeology Museum in Sviyazhsk, creator of the animated panel Grad Sviyazhsk, etc. Safiullin has had personal shows at the Central Artist House in Moscow, the Literature Museum, the Cinema House, the Sviyazhsk Enamel Museum, as well as the Flight over the Black Lake exhibition in Kazan. His works are permanently stored and exhibited in the Tatarstan State Museum of the Arts in Kazan, the State Literature Museum in Moscow, and in private collections in Japan, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, and Russia. He lives and works in Sviyazhsk.
Nelly Fomina
Artist, costume designer
Nelly Fomina is a distinguished culture worker and member of the Filmmakers Union since 1979. After graduating from the Moscow Textile Institute's Department of Applied Arts she began working as assistant costume designer at Mosfilm and contributed as such to The Tale of Tsar Saltan (directed by Alexander Ptushko), The First Courier (directed by Vladimir Yanchev) and The Red Tent (directed by Mikhail Kalatozov). After that Fomina was promoted to costume designer by the studio. In 1969 she began her collaboration with the dancer Maya Plisetskaya and designed costumes for ballet films The Poem of Dance and Anna Karenina with Plisetskaya, as well as for the movie The Lady with a Dog and ballet The Death of Rose. In 1971, Fomina was invited by Andrey Tarkovsky to design costumes for Solaris and went on to work on his subsequent films Mirror and Stalker. She also designed costumes for films by Andrey Konchalovsky, Mikhail Shweizer, Sergey Bondarchuk, Eldar Ryazanov, and others; Moscow Academic Theater's plays and Valery Fokin's productions at the Meierhold Center. Nelly Fomina's costume designs have been displayed on multiple exhibitions and are held by several museums in their collections, including the Tretyakov Gallery.
Evgeniy Tsymbal
Evgeniy Tsymbal is a Soviet and Russian actor, film director, screenwriter and editor. He has won three Nikas – Russian national film awards (2002, 2006, 2015), and a BAFTA Award. Tsymbal graduated from Rostov University's Department of History in 1971. He worked as Andrey Tarkovsky's assistant on Stalker. In 1981 Tsymbal made his acting debut in Nikita Mikhalkov's film Family Relations and later acted in A Forgotten Tune for the Flute, The Tale of the Unextinguished Moon and The Barber of Siberia. He graduated from the Higher Courses of Screenwriters and Directors (Eldar Ryazanov's directing class). He directed fiction films Requiem to Filet (1983), Attorney Sedov (1988), The Tale of the Unextinguished Moon (1990), as well as many documentaries, including Stalker's Dreams (1998) about Andrey Tarkovsky and Alexander Kaidanovsky, and Dziga and His Brothers (2002) about Dziga Vertov, which won a Nika as Best Non-Fiction Film.
Zoya Kaidanovskaya
Zoya Kaidanovskaya is a stage and film actress. She was born on November 5, 1976, to actors Evgeniya Simonova and Alexander Kaidanovsky. Kaidanovskaya began taking classes after eighth grade at an experimental acting and directing program at GITIS, run by Boris Golubovsky. She later switched to Oleg Kudryashov's musical theater workshop. Kaidanovskaya graduated from GITIS in 1999 and has worked at the Raikin Theater in 1999-2001 and then at the Mayakovsky Theater, since 2006. She has acted in many films and television shows in Russia.
Giuliano Fratini
Giuliano Fratini was born on September 27th 1972 in Tivoli (Rome). Graduated at DAMS Roma Tre University with a thesis on Marlen Khutsiev's Infinitas. He won the Special Jury Prize at the Franz Kafka Italy Prize (2012 edition) with his first novel, Tre Giorni (Three Days, Cleup Ed. 2014). Il Dono (The Gift) is his first film.
Irakli Kvirikadze
Director, honored artist of the Georgian Soviet Republic (1983). Writer and co-writer of his own films as well as Robinsonada, or My English Grandfather (1987), Sore (1988), Monster or Someone Else (1988), Limita (1994, co-writer), Chef in Love (1996); also worked at Generation P (2011). Kvirikadze teaches at the Higher Courses of Screenwriters and Directors in Moscow and manages a fiction film directing workshop (with Andrey Dobrovolsky) at the Contemporary Art Institute (Moscow). In recent years he has been living in Los Angeles, working in the US, France, Germany, Georgia and Russia.
Robert Bird
"Imaginary Tarkovsky" Conference participant
Professor in the Departments of Slavic Languages and Literatures and Cinema and Media Studies at The University of Chicago Robert Bird's primary area of interest is the aesthetic practice and theory of Russian/Soviet modernism. He has published books on Andrei Tarkovsky among others, and essays on a variety of topics in Russian literature, intellectual history, film and video art, including the filmmakers Aleksandr Medvedkin, Aleksandr Sokurov and Olga Chernysheva. Most recently he was co-editor (with Christina Kiaer and Zachary Cahill) of Revolution Every Day: A Calendar (Mousse Publishing, 2017), the catalogue to the eponymous exhibition at the Smart Museum of Art at the University of Chicago.He is currently completing a book 'Soul Machine: Soviet Film Models Socialism,' which analyzes the rise of socialist realism as a modeling aesthetic, and is beginning a new book 'Underground: The History of a Conceptual Image'.
Oleg Goryainov
"Imaginary Tarkovsky" Conference participant
Oleg Goryainov is a philosopher, film theorist and historian, senior researcher at the Eldar Ryazanov Museum (Samara). Member of the editorial board of the online art film journal Cineticle. He has published articles on history, theory and philosophy of film.
Dmitry Pilikin
"Imaginary Tarkovsky" Conference participant
Dmitry Pilikin is an artist, art critic, art historian, curator of various artistic projects and exhibitions, including Russia fly by, HangART-7 (Salzburg), ArtBatFest (Almaty), art urbanist project Waterfront and others.
Maria Milovzorova
"Imaginary Tarkovsky" Conference participant
Maria Milovzorova, PhD, is an associate professor (docent) and chair of history and cultural studies at the Ivanovo State University of Chemistry and Technology, co-director of the Andrey Tarkovsky Research and Project Center, author of academic papers and speaker at the international Andrey Tarkovsky conferences held at the Zerkalo Andrey Tarkovsky International Film Festival. She has written over 70 academic works.
Yelena Raskatova
"Imaginary Tarkovsky" Conference participant
Yelena Raskatova, PhD, is a professor of history and cultural studies at the Ivanovo State University of Chemistry and Technology, co-director of the Andrey Tarkovsky Research and Project Center, author of academic papers and speaker at the international Andrey Tarkovsky conferences held at the Zerkalo Andrey Tarkovsky International Film Festival. She has written over 200 academic works, including three monographs (Soviet Authorities and Creative Intelligentsia: The Logic of the Conflict, 2009, and others).
Igor Vdovenko
"Imaginary Tarkovsky" Conference participant
Igor Vdovenko, PhD, is a theater and culture scholar, senior researcher at the Russian Institute of Art History, section of contemporary problems in art culture.
Anna Glazova
"Imaginary Tarkovsky" Conference participant
Anna Glazova is a comparative literature and critical theory scholar. She earned her PhD from the Northwestern University in the US. Glazova is a translator of poetry and prose from German and English. She has published five books of poetry.
Dr. Claus Löser
"Imaginary Tarkovsky" Conference participant
Dr. Claus Löser is a film critic, curator and historian. He focuses on experimental and underground films and history of cinema of the former East Block, has published many articles and several books, author of the weekly column about film culture in Berlin in the „Berliner Zeitung". Member of FIPRESCI.
Viktoriya Smirnova-Maizel
Curator of "Imaginary Tarkovsky" Conference
Viktoriya Smirnova-Maizel, PhD, is a film and art critic, associate professor (docent) of screenwriting and film studies at the Saint Petersburg University of Film and Television. She has published numerous articles on film history and theory.
Vladimir Tarasov
Animation director
Vladimir Tarasov is a Soviet and Russian animation director and artist, an Honored artist of the Russian Soviet Federal Republic (1989). Tarasov studied in the Moscow Polygraphic Institute in 1965-1970. He started working for Soyuzmultfilm in 1957 first at the drawing department, then as animator, art director, and director since 1973. He is one of the few Russian animation artists developing science fiction themes: Contact (1978, awarded at festivals in Italy and France), Shooting Range (1979), an adaptation of Kir Bulychev's tragic novella The Path (1988). Tarasov's animated short Time Onwards won the FIPRESCI award at the Leipzig Film Festival (1978), Cowboys in Town was awarded at the Zagreb International Animation Festival in 1974. Tarasov currently works at Christmas Films. Member of ASIFA.
Alexander Skidan
The Big Picture lectures program
Born in Leningrad in 1965. Poet, critic, essayist, translator. Author of five books of poetry, several collections of essays, and the novel Guide into N. He has translated contemporary American poetry and prose, theoretical works by Paul de Man, George Hillis Miller, Jean-Luc Nancy, Paolo Virno, Gerald Raunig. Skidan has won a Turgenev Festival's award (1998), Bridge Award for best article on poetry (2006), and Andrey Bely Award (2006, for Red Shifting). Brodsky Foundation fellow (2018). His poetry has been translated into many languages and published in anthologies. Bilingual edition of Red Shifting was published in the USA in 2008. Member of Chto Delat art group, editor of the New Literary Observer since 2009. Skidan lives in Saint Petersburg.
Svetlana Adonyeva
The Big Picture lectures program
Folklorist, anthropologist, professor, director of the Propp Center, author of papers and monographs on folklore and contemporary mass culture. Her works include: Category of Absent Tense (2001), National Spirit and Other Spirits (2009), Symbolic Order (2011). Adonyeva has won awards from the American Folklore Society and Chicago University for best folklore book (Svetlana Adonyeva, Laura J. Olson, The Worlds of Russian Village Women Tradition, Transgression, Compromise, 2013). She is a lecturer at Marina Razbezhkina and Mikhail Ugarov's documentary film and theater workshop and research leader of the Primary Signs research project.
Denis Gorelov
The Big Picture lectures program
Film critic, born 1967 in Moscow. In 1989–2013 he worked as a film writer for Mokovsky Komsomolets, Segodnya, Russian Telegraph, Conservator, Izvestia, Russian Life. Gorelov worked as a co-writer on Namedni. Our Era television show (specializing in interior and foreign politics, film, accidents and jokes) and wrote the Russian Film Foundation's montage film The 1930s' Big Vacation. He has written for all film encyclopedias of modern Russia: Seance's seven-volume Contemporary History of Russan Cinema, Afisha's Guide into 500 Most Important Films in History of Mankind, Komsomolskaya Pravda's book series Great Soviet Films (one book for each film; series editor and auhor of 24 books). He is now a staff writer for Komsomolskaya Pravda.
Igor Gulin
The Big Picture lectures program
Born in Moscow in 1985. Literary critic in Kommersant Weekend, co-founder and editor of Nosorog magazine, as well as a researcher of late Soviet culture.
Ilya Utekhin
The Big Picture lectures program
Born in 1968 in Leningrad. Professor at the Department of Anthropology of the European University in Saint Petersburg, author of a research monograph on communal apartments (Studies in Communal Living, 2001), as well as the Virtual Museum of Soviet Daily Life (kommunalka.colgate.edu) and documentaries PUGOVKA (2009) and Volunteers (2019).
Artemy Magun
The Big Picture lectures program
Artemy Magun is a Russian philosopher, political theorist, professor at the European University at St. Petersburg, and a research advisor for the program "Social and Political Philosophy". The author of the books "Negative Revolution" (Russian, English, French), "Unity and Loneliness", "Democracy: A Demon and Hegemon" and dozens of articles on philosophy and political theory in leading international journals. Editor-in-chief of Stasis journal.
Alexander Dobrovinsky
Lawyer, collector, writer, radio host and philanthropist
Alexander Dobrovinsky is a lawyer, managing partner of Dobrovinsky & Partners law firm, collector, writer, radio host and philanthropist. His collection interests are diverse. Unique collections of Soviet porcelain, lacquer-work miniatures (the term "agitlacquer" coined by the collector-researcher has already entered academic parlance), bone carvings (his collection of agitbone is unequaled in completeness and scope), posters, drawings, paintings and photographs give him a place of honor in the top five collectors of Russian 20th century's art. Member of the Order of the Star of Italy, for his discoveries in 20th century culture and culture studies.
Pyotr Bagrov
Film historian
Pyotr Bagrov is a film historian and archivist. In 2005-2013 he worked at the Russian Institute of Art History's Film and Television Department. In 2013-2017 Bagrov was a senior curator at Gosfilmofond (the Film Archive of the Russian Federation), in 2018-2019 he served as Gosfilmofond's advisor. In 2013-2019 Bagrov was the artistic director of the Belye Stolby archive film festival. He has published over 200 research pieces, including the monograph Cinderella: The People of the Magic Kingdom. Bagrov has taught at the Saint Petersburg University of Film and Television (2005-2013), University of Chicago (2012), European University in Saint Petersburg (2013), Higher School of Economics (2017). He was Vice President of FIAF - International Federation of Film Archives, in 2017-2018. Bagrov is a member of editorial board of Kinovedcheskie Zapiski (Film Studies Journal); he has curated retrospective programs at international film festivals and serves at the creative board of Cinema Ritrovato Film Festival (Bologna, Italy) and consulting board of The Nitrate Picture Show festival in Rochester, New York, USA.
Igor Voloshin
Igor Voloshin worked as an actor and director, his short documentary Bitch won the award for Best First Appearance at the IDFA in Amsterdam as well as the FIPRESCI Award for Best Debut. In 2004 Igor Voloshin was awarded the Triumph Prize for achievement in the art. In 2005 Mr. Voloshin received a grant for screenwriting from the Hubert Bals Fund at the Rotterdam IFF. World Premiere Berlinale 2008, "Nirvana" first feature. In 2010 jointly with producer Alexander Orlov Voloshin sets up a film production company Bulldozerfilms. In 2011 Bulldozerfilms enters the market with short Atlantic motion picture as part of Experement 5ive project starring Denis Lavant. In July 2011 the international premier of Bedouin, Voloshin's latest full-length feature film, was celebrated at 46th International Karlovy Vary Film Festival. Presently Igor Voloshin is elaborating a new project starring Russian comedy icon Sergey Svetlakov.
Alexey Agranovich
Actor and director
Alexey Agranovich was born to cinematographer and film director Mikhail Agranovich and radio host Emilia Kulik. After graduating from high school, he worked at Mosfilm for a year before being drafted. In 1990 Agranovich came back from the army and was accepted to VGIK's acting and directing program. He worked as rock band DDT's manager in 1994-1995 but came back to film. Agranovich worked as TV director and show host and has directed many special event shows, including TEFI Award Nights in 2009-2010, Moscow International Film Festival's opening and closing ceremonies (2000-2010), Kinotavr's ceremonies (since 2003), and others. He is the head producer of the Sakhalin International Film Festival On the Edge, as well as a film and stage actor.
Viktoriya Tolstoganova
Viktoriya Tolstoganova is a Russian stage and film actress. She was a student of Iosif Kheifits' class at the Russian Theater Institute (GITIS) and graduated in 1996. As a student, Tolstoganova was invited to join the company of the Stanislavsky Moscow Theater of Drama and stayed there until mid-2000s. Her acting debut was a leading part in 1997's fiction short film Daily Duty, directed by Roman Khrushch. On stage, Tolstoganova has acted in productions by Mikhail Ugarov, Yavor Gyrdev, Kirill Serebrennikov and other directors. She is most famous for television show On the Nameless Height (2004) and TV movies Snow Angel (2007), as well as her roles in feature films Burnt by the Sun 2 (2011) and Three Seconds (2017). She has won the Russian Government Award for her role in the feature film Magnetic Storms.
Anna Parmas
Anna Parmas began her career as an AD at Lenfilm but moved to television. In 2004-2007 she worked for various network as a director. She wrote and directed TV show Tender Winter for Belarusfilm. In 2007 she co-wrote Avdotya Smirnova's Kokoko and Two Days, and also made her acting debut. In 2012 she wrote Golden Key, a play for Warm Home foundation's charity initiative. In 2015 she directed several music videos for Leningrad, including the viral successes Exhibit, Drinking in Peter and others. In 2016 she directed Girls, a segment of the omnibus Petersburg. A Selfie.
Larisa Sadilova
Larisa Sadilova (1965, Russia) graduated from the acting department of the VGIK, the Moscow film school. Her first role in cinema was in Sergei Gerasimov's film Lev Tolstoy. In 1998 she made her debut as director with the black-and-white film Happy Birthday!, which received several awards. Sadilova often uses amateur actors and her style is reminiscent of documentaries. Her second feature film, With Love, Lilja, won a Tiger Award in Rotterdam in 2003. Nothing Personal won the FIPRESCI Award at the Moscow Film Festival in 2007. Sadilova is also director of the film studio ARSI Film.
Elena Yatsura
Elena Yatsura is a producer who has worked with Slovo, Non-Stop Production, Bogwood Kino, Filmokom, Trikita Entertainment. She has been recognized as Best Producer of CIS and Baltic Countries at Kinoshok Film Festival in 2003, won two Nika national film awards as a producer of the best picture (Our Own, 2004, 9th Company, 2005) and the Golden Eagle national award for Best Picture (9th Company). She has produced more than a dozen of directorial debuts: Filipp Yankovsky's (In Motion, 2002), Fyodor Bondarchuk's (9th Company, 2005), Alexey German Jr's (The Last Train, 2003), Ilya Khrzhanovsky's (4, 2004), Konstantin Murzenko's (April, 2001), Renata Litvinova (The Goddess: How I Fell in Love, 2004). Overall, Yatsura has produced 34 films since 1996, many of which have won accolades at international film festivals.
Artem Silkin
Writer and publisher

Head of Trekhrechie Publishing, director of Sviyazhsk Island Town museum preserve. He has authored a series of books on residents of Sviyazhsk island town in Zelenodolsk District in Tatarstan.