Khutsiev. Action Starts!
Documentary, Russia, 2015-2019, 77 min., 12+
director and author Pyotr Shepotinnik
cinematography by Alexei Fyodorov with the participation of Ilya Kopylov
sound Artyom Fadeev
music by Alexei Rybnikov
In Осtober, 2015, Marlen Khutsiev was turn 90. The master had no intention of retiring, he was working at the new movie, which he had been contemplating for years. The crew was lucky to allowed on the set of this film about the relationship of two Titans of Russian literature, Leo Tolstoy and Anton Chekhov. The shooting process, recorded over the period of many days, constitutes the main part of this documentary entitled "Khutsiev. Action Starts!". It also includes Khutsiev's reflections on the nature of creative work and his dramatic creative biography.

The screening will be introduced by director Pyotr Shepotinnik
Born in Moscow(1956) Graduated from the Moscow Film Institute (VGIK) in 1978. Author and director of the TV program "Kinescope"(from 1994 to the present day). Director of many films about fimmakers and artists: "Balabanov At the War", "Odessa.Muratova.The Sea" "German Today is 122 by 85", "After Tarkovsky", "Another Wife of Vysotsky", "Verse","Liubimov.Chronicles" and many others. Member of NIKA and TEFI academies.

Pyotr Shepotinnik