Little Sister
Russia, 2019, 94 min., 6+
director Aleksandr Galibin
script Aidar Akmanov
director of photography Mikhail Agranovich
producers Dmitry Fiks, Mikhail Kurbatov, Timerbulat Karimov
cast Arslan Krymchurin, Marta Timofeeva, Yusuf Rahmetov, Ilgisa Gilmanova, Sulpan Abdrahimova, Rauis Zagitov, Vitaly Saliy
The film is set during the Second World War. Ukrainian orphan girl Oksana, rescued from a devastated house, finds her new home and new family in a Bashkir village. Oksana's relationship with her foster brother Yamil and other village kids are far from perfect in the beginning. Day after day the children face wartime hardships together. The film is based on the novella Our Home's Joy by Bashkortostan's national poet Mustai Karim.
Aleksandr Galibin is a Soviet and Russian actor and director, television host. He is an Honored Artist of the Russian Federation. His acting film debut was Semen Aronovich's 1976's film And Other Officials. He received wide recognition after the release of Pyatnitskaya Tavern (1978). Overall he has appeared in over fifty films. Before 1992 Galibin worked at the laboratory of Anatoly Vasiliev's Dramatic Art School. He made his directorial stage debut in 1989 with Escorial. Galibin has directed plays at the Riga Russian Dramatic Theater, Pushkin Russian Dramatic Theater (Alexandrinsky). In 1993—1995 he worked as a director at the Liteiny Theater. Galibin has directed several productions abroad and worked as a creative director of several theaters: Globus Academic Youth Theater in Novosibirsk, Alexandrinsky Theater and Stanislavsky Dramatic Theater in Moscow; as well as taught at the Shchukin Academy of Theater. Since 2014, Galibin runs a workshop in acting and directing at the Russian Institute of Theater Arts. In 2014—2017 he hosted the television show Wait for Me on Russia's Channel One. Member of Russian Ministry of Culture's public council. Director of four filmed plays and three feature films.

Aleksandr Galibin