Argentina to Israel, Azerbaijan to Germany and France, the Balkans to Scandinavia: an incomplete geographical scope of films selected for Zerkalo's competition. Cultural diversity is an essential part of the festival's conceptual approach, which aims to represent the contemporary art cinema's richness. We are focused primarily on works by young directors in search of their individual language and signature style. In a world where commercial cinema dominates, authorship finds new ways to express itself, transforms and morphs but lives on. In many cases we find a continuity between the pursuits of today's filmmakers and Andrey Tarkovsky's cinematic tradition.

Genres of competition films vary from a surrealist tragicomedy to a contemporary form of cinéma vérité. This edition features a higher share of works by female directors than usual: not just to follow a trend but to reflect an objective change in global cinema. We are certain that the best way to play homage to Andrey Tarkovsky is to select contemporary works of film art and introduce audiences to them.

Andrey Plahov, programming director of the 13th Zerkalo Andrey Tarkovsky Film Festival, curator of International Competition, Tarkovsky Context and The Big Three.
The Opening Ceremony of the XIII Zerkalo International Film Festival at the main square of Yurievets
At the official Opening Ceremony of the XIII Zerkalo Andrey Tarkovsky IFF guitarist Yuri Kasparyan and symphony orchestra will perform best known songs by the legendary band "Kino".
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Presentation of the Vnukovo archive
At Zerkalo IFF philanthropist and collector Alexander Dobrovinsky will present the first edition of the unique personal archive of photographs, letters, documents, newspaper and postcards of Grigory Alexandrov and Lyubov Orlova.
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Zerkalo Special Fest — special screenings of Zerkalo IFF in Moscow
Already a good tradition — Moscow's "echo" screenings of Zerkalo IFF — will be held in cinemas Karo "October" on Novy Arbat and Garage Screen in Gorky Park from 12 to 23 June.
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