Italy, 2019, 111 min, 18+
director and screenwriter Claudio Giovannesi
script Roberto Saviano, Maurizio Braucci
director of photography Daniele Cipri
music Andrea Mosianese, Claudio Giovannesi
producers Carlo Degli Esposti, Nicola Serra
cast Francesco Di Napoli, Artem Tkachuk (Ar Tem), Vivana Aprea, Pasquale Marotta
Six boys race on their scooters through the narrow streets of their Sanità neighbourhood in Naples. Nicola, Briatò, Lollipop & Co. are fearless daredevils, desperate to make money like their role models, and wear designer clothes and the latest sneakers. These 15-year-olds use the city's rooftops for assault rifle practice. They deal drugs and do not hesitate to use their weapons to take control of the neighbourhood.

Introduction by Maurizio Braucci
Claudio Giovannesi (Rome, Italy, 1978) is a filmmaker, screenwriter, and musician. After getting a Bachelor of Arts, he received a diploma from the Centro sperimentale di cinematografia in Rome. In 2009 he directed the feature film La casa sulle nuvole (Jury Special Award at the Brussels Film Festival) and the documentary Fratelli D'Italia (special mention of the jury at the Rome Film Festival). In 2012 he directed his second feature film Ali Has Blue Eyes, winning the special jury prize and the best debut and second film award in Rome, FICE Award and Mario Verdone Award. The film was also nominated at the Nasti d'argento and participated in competition at Tribeca Film Festival. His following film, Wolf (2013), was awarded Special Jury Award at Torino FF. In 2014, Giovannesi participated in the collaborative film 9 X 10 NOVANTA, selected at Venice IFF that same year. His previous work, Fiore, was selected at the Directors' Fortnight in 2016.

Claudio Giovannesi