A Russian Youth
Russia, 2018, 72 min, 12+
director, script Alexander Zolotukhin
director of photography Ayrat Yamilov
production designer Elena Zhukova
editing Tatyana Kuzmicheva
music Sergey Rakhmaninov
artistic advisor Alexander Sokurov
producer Edward Pichugin
cast Vladimir Korolev, Mikhail Buturlov, Artem Leschik, Danil Tyabin, Sergey Goncharenko, Philip Dyachkov
The film tells the story of a simple village boy who goes to the front of the First World war with a naive youthful dream of fame and medals. In the first battle he loses his sight. He is left to serve as a listener - he must listen carefully through huge metal funnels and raise an alarm in case of enemy airplanes' approach.

A Russian Youth is also included in the Films on Wheels program of screenings.
Alexander Zolotukhin graduated from Alexander Sokurov's directing workshop at the Kabardino-Balkarian State University in 2015. His shorts were selected for several international film festivals. A Russian Youth is his first feature film.

Alexander Zolotukhin