Tanya (The Shining Path)
USSR, 1940
director Grigory Alexandrov
script Viktor Ardov
directors of photography Boris Petrov, Andrey Boltyansky
music Isaac Dunaevsky
production designer Boris Knoblok
editing Eva Ladyzhenskaya
cast Lyubov Orlova, Evgeny Samoilov, Elena Tyapkina, Vladimir Volodin, Anastasia Zueva, Alexander Terekhina
Illiterate but hard-working village girl Tanya comes to the city and after a domestic working job finds her happiness in studying and industrial labor. She is then elected a Soviet representative.

Introduction by Nadezhda Vasilieva and Petr Bagrov
Grigory Alexandrov (1903-1983) was born in a mining worker's family. He started his career in film in 1924 together with Sergei Eisenstein. In Summer 1929 Eisenstein, Alexandrov and Eduard Tisse went to Europe and America to promote Soviet film. Alexandrov lived in Paris and the US, made friends with Charlie Chaplin. Head of Mosfilm Studio, professor at VGIK. Alexandrov was married to the actress Lyubov Orlova. He wrote and/or directed The Strike (1924), October (1927), Jolly Fellows (1934), Volga Volga (1938), War Reel Collection No 4 (1941), Meeting at Elba (1949), Lenin in Poland (1961), Lenin in Switzerland (1965), Ten Days that Shook the World (1967), Lyubov Orlova (1983). Alexandrov's films have won awards in Venice and Moscow and government decorations from the Soviet state.

Grigory Alexandrov