Тарковский контекст
International competition is the festival's core, however, as usual, it is situated within the larger context of global art cinema and, of course, within the "Tarkovsky context", this time linked to the 40th anniversary of Stalker. In this year's program global context is represented with newly restored films by Werner Herzog. In addition to that, we will screen essay films on Margarita Terekhova and on the making of Nostalgia.

Another topic of this year's "Context" is the connection between Tarkovsky's artistic worlds and those of his contemporaries, underground artists of the 1960-1980s. This subject will be explored in the Museum AZ's exhibition triptych "Free Range" that the Tretyakov gallery is putting on show during the festival, as well as a film and a book on this project.
The first show is titled "Premonition" – its subject is the similarity of Stalker and Petr Belenok's works, which express a presentiment of Chernobyl. The second is "Breaking into the Past. Tarkovsky & Plavinsky," in which a dialogue between the director and the artist is conceptualized at the cultural code of the 1960s. Finally, "Another Flight to Solaris" showcases work by twelve artists of mid-20th century collectively known as "Soviet Renaissance."

Andrey Plahov, programming director of the 13th Zerkalo Andrey Tarkovsky Film Festival, curator of International Competition, Tarkovsky Context and The Big Three

Andrei Plahov graduated from Lvov University's program in mathematics and VGIK; PhD in Art History (dissertation subject: "History and myth in Luchino Visconit's work"). Staff writer of Kommersant newspaper. Plakhov has worked for Moscow Film Festival and other festivals in Russia and served as jury member at festivals in San Sebastian, Tokyo, Berlin, Karlovy Vary and Venice. He worked as a secretary of Russian Filmmakers Union's executive committee as well as president of the dispute commission, which rehabilitated over 250 shelved films (1986-1990). President of FIPRESCI, the International Federation of Film Press (2006-2010), now Honorary President. Member of the French Order of Arts and Letters. Winner of Nika and multiple awards from Russian Guild of Film Critics, author of numerous books and articles.

Andrei Plahov
Programming director of the 13th Zerkalo Andrey Tarkovsky Film Festival