Presentation of the Vnukovo archive
June, 19, 17:00
Lodz Theater
Presentation of the Vnukovo archive

The Vnukovo archive comprises thousands of photographs, letters, documents, paper cuts and postcards from the personal archive of Grigory Alexandrov and Lyubov Orlova. For many years it had been considered lost. The documents were discovered by the Moscow lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky when he acquired the country house of Soviet cinema's most famous and mysterious couple. A research group studied and catalogued the archive. Now it is being published as a unique 12-volume edition. First three volumes have been printed so far. These are letters and diary entries accommodated with extensive commentary and reference data: "European diary", "American trip" and "Que viva Mexico." Work on the rest of the documents is underway, remaining part being several times as large. The majority of the documents belong to the future Alexandrov-Orlova Museum. It will take up residence at the famous Vnukovo dacha, now being restored by Alexander Dobrovinsky who plans not only to publish the archive but also to make the originals of letters and photographs accessible for anyone.

At the presentation Alexander Dobrovinsky, publisher and rightholder of the archive, will discuss the legacy of Grigory Alexandrov and Lubov Orlova with film historian Petr Bagrov. 1940's musical comedy The Shining Path by Grigory Alexandrov will screen immediately after, within the program Costume in Film.
Alexander Dobrovinsky is a lawyer, managing partner of Dobrovinsky & Partners law firm, collector, writer, radio host and philanthropist. His collection interests are diverse. Unique collections of Soviet porcelain, lacquer-work miniatures (the term "agitlacquer" coined by the collector-researcher has already entered academic parlance), bone carvings (his collection of agitbone is unequaled in completeness and scope), posters, drawings, paintings and photographs give him a place of honor in the top five collectors of Russian 20th century's art. Member of the Order of the Star of Italy, for his discoveries in 20th century culture and culture studies.

Alexander Dobrovinsky
Publisher, collector
Петр Багров — историк кино, архивист. В 2005–2013 гг. — сотрудник сектора кино и телевидения Российского института истории искусств. В 2013–2017 гг. — старший куратор Госфильмофонда России. В 2018 г. – консультант Государственного центрального музея кино, в 2018–2019 гг. — консультант Госфильмофонда России. В 2013–2019 гг. — художественный руководитель фестиваля архивного кино «Белые Столбы». Автор более 200 публикаций — в т.ч. монографии «"Золушка": Жители сказочного королевства» (2011). Преподает в различных университетах: СПбГУКиТ (2005–2013), Чикагском университете (2012), Европейском университете в Санкт-Петербурге (2013), Высшей школе экономики (2017). В 2017–2018 гг. — вице-президент Международной федерации киноархивов (FIAF). Член редколлегии журнала «Киноведческие записки». Куратор нескольких ретроспектив на международных кинофестивалях. Член художественного совета фестиваля архивного кино Il Cinema Ritrovato (Болонья, Италия). Член консультативного совета фестиваля The Nitrate Picture Show (Рочестер, США).

Петр Багров
Историк кино