Jury of young film critics "Voice"
Katerina Beloglazova
Film critic and programmer. Born in 1987 in Moscow. She graduated from GITR Film and Television School (2009), Moscow University's part-time journalism program (2010) and Moscow School of New Cinema's film studies department (2014). She has published her work in Seance, Colta, Film Art (Iskusstvo Kino), Kinopoisk, Aroundart.ru. She curated the summer program of Garage Museum's of Contemporary Art film theater Garage Screen in 2017, as well as two special programs: East to West and West to East, and Japanese B-Movies (December 2017 to January 2018). She also curated Resistance 1968–2018, a special program at the 28th Message to Man International Film Festival (with Alexey Artamonov, 2018). Katerina has been the programmer and host of the Moscow School of New Cinema's film club since 2013.
Andrei Kartashov
Andrei Kartashov was born in 1991. He holds a BA in Russian (Saint Petersburg University, 2012) and an MA in Film and Media Studies (University of Kansas, 2018). He worked as an editor of Seance (2014-2016) and has published articles in Bumaga, Kommersant Weekend, KinoPoisk, MUBI, Senses of Cinema, and other outlets. Andrei has won the Levitin Award (2015) and is a Fulbright scholar (2016-2018).
Assa Novikova
Assa Novikova is a film scholar and critic, founder of S krasnoy stroki. She graduated from the Saint Petersburg University of Film and Television and studied at the European University in Saint Petersburg. Assa's area of interest is Dziga Vertov's work and avant-garde literature of the 1920s. She has published her work in Seance, Film Art, Knife and other outlets. She lives and works in Tbilisi.
Gordei Petrik
Gordei Petrik is an independent curator and film critic. He teaches at the Moscow School of New Cinema and has published in Seance, Film Art, Kinoreporter, Cine Phantom, Colta.ru, Kino TV and syg.ma. This year he was included in Russian Forbes' top-under-30 list.
Kseniya Ilyina
Kseniya Ilyina is a film critic, graduate of Smolny Institute of Liberal Arts' masters program in film theory and criticism. She writes for Sobesednik, Kinoafisha, Kino-teatr.ru, Kinoreporter. She lectures at OXTA Lab and writes for Side by Side LGBT Film Festival.