14 — 21 JUNE 2019
The XIII International Film Festival

Ivanovo / Ivanovo Region / Russia
Andrey Tarkovsky Film Festival «Zerkalo» is proud to have supported international art cinema for more than a decade. We always search for connections between work done today by filmmakers in Turkey, Serbia, China, with Andrey Tarkovsky's inspirations that shaped his aspiration to create a new language of cinema. This year, we maintain our focus on that legacy but move from academic forms to current process. In addition to the international competition that brings together the cream of the crop in international art cinema; alongside classics that illustrate «Tarkovsky Context» we give an opportunity to screen experimental work to aspiring Russian directors. And thus introduce them to auteur cinema of excellence. We want to engage the youth of Ivanovo region to creative process, bring up active film audiences and potentially future filmmakers on this ground.
We believe in new talent we believe that Andrey Tarkovsky's shining star will guide them to artistic discovery.
Andrey Plahov
Programming Director of the 12th Andrey Tarkovsky Mirror International Film Festival